2019 Precious Pearls Debutante Cotillion

2019 Precious Pearls Debutante Cotillion Program

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Iota Lambda Omega
its charitable affiliate
Pearl Foundation, Incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:            What is the Precious Pearls Debutante Cotillion Program?

A:            The Debutante Cotillion Program was developed for young ladies who are in middle school in order to encourage and stimulate them to pursue higher education, academic excellence, character development and civic involvement.  The program will provide workshops in interviewing for scholarship and jobs, positive self-esteem and handling peer-pressure that is pertinent to their school years.  

Q:            What will the Junior Debutante Program entail?

A:            An enhancement to the Program will focus on young girls who are in middle school, designed to give the young people instruction and practice in the courtesies that make life more pleasant for them and those around them.  Unlike the senior debutante program, scholarships will not be awarded to the junior debutantes.

The Junior Debutante program places as much emphasis on etiquette, manners and character education as it does on dancing.  The social and character education components of the program include rules of proper telephone courtesy, acknowledgments of gifts, introductions, participating in group settings, polite conversation, paying and receiving compliments, sports etiquette, first impressions, dress code for all occasions, manners in the home and in public places, table manners, formal place settings, styles of dining, skills involved in being a guest, hostess or host, and many other areas of social behavior. Other topics covered are the ethics involved in the areas of having honor, dignity, respect, honesty, fairness, a caring attitude, accountability, and citizenship.

 Objectives for these programs are to:

  • Promote high ethical standards, character development, good citizenship and social graces during the formative years.
  • Enhance personal, civic, and leadership development through structured educational workshops.
  • Promote camaraderie and positive relationships with other young ladies.
  • Encourage high academic achievement for young ladies towards higher education.

The program objectives are achieved through a seven (7) month curriculum consisting of educational workshops, activities, community service projects and rehearsals.  The culminating event of the program is the Precious Pearls Junior Debutante Cotillion Program, to be held on Sunday, November 10, 2019, in which the young ladies are formally presented to society and the community.

Q:            What does the program involve?

A:    The Precious Pearls Debutante Cotillion Program is made of four (4) key components:

  • Educational workshops and social activities
  • Community services/Volunteerism
  • Rehearsals
  • The Debutante Cotillion Presentation

Q:            What are the application requirements?

A:            In order to be considered for the Precious Pearls Debutante Cotillion Program, young ladies must:

 Junior Debutantes

  • Must be in middle school during the school year of 2018-2019.
  • Have a minimum of an average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.
  • The following must be submitted by March 30, 2019
    • Two (2) Letters of Recommendations; one (1) letter of recommendation from a teacher or a staff member from the school the young lady attends and one (1) letter of recommendation from an adult.
    • $350.00 (which includes the $50.00 nonrefundable application fee, t-shirt, and workshops)
    • Latest report card and/or progress report
    • Provide fully completed application signed by both applicant and parent/guardian.
  • Participate in an interview. Interviews will be scheduled after the application and all supporting materials are received.
  • Demonstrate excellence in academics, exemplary moral standards, and active engagement in their local community.
  • Plans to attend a post-secondary institution/school.
  • Young ladies are expected to attend all program related functions and activities held between March –June 2019 and September -October 2019 (activities not to include July and August 2019).
  • All young ladies are expected to purchase gown and accessories.
  • Headshot photograph

Junior Ushers (5 candidates)

  • Must be in middle school during 2019 school year.
  • Have a minimum of an average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.
  • $150.00 nonrefundable application fee (t-shirt and workshops)
  • Provide an interest letter of minimum 250 words

Senior Hostesses (2 candidates)

  • Have a minimum of an average of 2.5 or above on a 4.0 scale.
  • $150.00 nonrefundable application fee (t-shirt and workshops)
  • Must be a former junior debutante of the Precious Pearls Cotillion

Q:            What is the deadline for submitting applications?  Where can I get an application?

A:            March 30, 2019

Q:            Is there a fee to participate?

A:           Debutantes application fee is $350.00
            Junior Ushers application fee is $150.00
            Senior Hostesses application fee is $150.00

Q:            What does the fee include?

A:            The fee includes all of the workshops and t-shirt

Q:            Will there be an informal orientation meeting?

A:            Yes.  The meeting will take place during the 2019 Leadership Youth Summit to be held on Saturday, March 30, 2019 at Oakland Mills High School.

Q:            When does the start and end?

A:            March 2019 through November, 2019 (no activities in July and August, 2019)

Q:            Will I be able to participate in other school activities

A:            You may participate in other school activities, however, you will need to remember that selection     into the program involves being able to participate in the cotillion activities including workshops and rehearsals.  You must also participate in community service activities.

Junior debutantes will participate in separate community service projects. 

Q:            Do I have to buy a dress?

A:            Yes. Attire sub-committee to determine requirements

Q:            Can my family attend the event and what is the date of the event?

A:            Yes.  Sunday, November 10, 2019
                Tickets are:  $75 (adult); $45 (children under 12)
                Senior Hostesses will only be responsible to host the Cotillion Ball

Q:            What other awards are presented on the night of the Cotillions?

A:            TBD

Q:            Where can I get more information?

A:            Pearl Foundation website, www.pearlfoundationinc.org